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CRM Setup & Consultation

Our CRM Consultants are always here to help you implement your sales automation strategy using Contact Quota’s recommendations.


Sales & Marketing Tips!

We do our best to stay on top of latest trends. We offer tips and techniques for marketing and sales processes.


Responsive Email

55-60 percent of email campaigns are opened on mobile devices.


Lead Scoring

Those who have implemented a lead scoring program have seen a 46 percent increase in response rates.


Automated Workflows

Those who use automated workflows in their day to day work activities have seen a 61 percent increase in productivity.


Data Integrity

Sales and marketing teams who spent a little more investment into their lead and data sources see a 74 percent increase in response rates.

Our Platform Features

Whether calling new leads, monitoring an online ad campaign, sending an email newsletter or managing a trade show, all of those campaign profiles can get added and tracked. Effectively manage and collaborate on contacts, leads, tasks, events, projects and more. Create custom workflows and triggers to automate communications internally or to your prospects and customers. Seamlessly manage sales pipelines, contact engagement and conversions with profile engagement scoring.

Scores, like in any game, make sense only if you have rules and goals; lead scoring is no different. Contact Level’s lead scoring capabilities are incredibly flexible, empowering marketers to add and subtract points to their contacts based on actions or inaction.


Gain the flexibility to send text messages, emails and support posts to your customers. You can also send text messages to multiple records at once. In addition to manually sending out messages, you can also forward automatic notifications triggered by workflows in Contact Level.


Effectively manage and collaborate on contacts, leads, tasks, events, projects and more. Create custom workflows and triggers to automate communications internally or to your prospects and customers.


Connect your teams by group assignment which allows for collaboration on projects, campaigns, sales opportunities and more for that group. Also, use group assignments to collaborate on projects and customer issues.


Build custom reports using the summary, tabular, matrix view or use one of our default reports to compare data across multiple modules via a matrix layout. Turn your reports into visual representations by selecting from an array of chart options ranging from pie charts to funnel graphs.


Automate communications that provide value to prospects and customers. Provide relevantly connected communication experiences by creating ideal customer profiles and develop automated workflows based on predefined values.

Free Training

When you sign up we offer all new customers a free training, so be sure and take advantage of a free training to get started!

Dedicated Support

Even though most SaaS providers push a do it yourself service, we are with you all along the way! We provide great support during business hours via phone, support ticket or chat!

Migration Service

Using another platform and dread moving? No worries, we will help you migrate your data free of charge!

Email Marketing Setup

Need some assistance getting your first email campaign setup and scheduled? Make sure and use your free training to focus on your new email campaign design!

Grow Your Marketing Database

Grow Your Marketing Database Acquire New Leads for Your Sales and Marketing Database!

Free CRM Consultation

Schedule a one hour free workflow and sales automation consultation with one of our experts!

What is Sales Automation?

Sales Automation is a technique of using a platform to automate the business tasks of sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation.