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Automate Your Communication Method Based on Segments in Your Database

Segmenting your customer database is of pivotal importance to any business and most companies do this to some degree. It is obvious, and has been for many years, that a one size fits all approach will fail. What is just as important, and just as obvious, is that you also have to communicate differently with segments of your target audience.

Rather than telling customers everything you can about your product/service, you should focus on what each segment cares about most and send them these messages via the appropriate medium.

Behavioral Segmentation

The main benefit of automated behavioral segmentation is that you divide leads into groups according to their actions and engagement patterns. When you add automation to the mix, you can adapt the experience of your visitors in real time and help guide their journey down the sales funnel.

In basic terms, you are aiming to divide a demographic based on how they behave. Remember, there are a variety of factors that consumers take into account before making a purchasing decision and their final choice is affected by their behavior. When you use behavioral segmentation, you group customers based on specific patterns they follow when making a purchasing decision. Such behaviors include:

  • Where the individual was in the sales funnel. Are they first-timers, regular users of the product, or ex-users?
  • The products/offers they show an interest in.
  • The level of usage.
  • What product features or highlights do they spend most time viewing?

Adding Automation

Automation uses dynamic content to personalize websites or pop-ups. Personalization is essential because it is more relevant, more engaging, and is more likely to achieve positive results. The process of automated behavioral segmentation creates these individualized experiences for users across an array of communication channels such as email, user interfaces, content feeds on social media, and websites.

You can’t expect to achieve results by merely updating your website now and then. You have to develop dynamic online experiences that encourage conversion and this is only achievable through personalization. When you get it right, you push customers through the sales funnel a lot faster and benefit from a shorter sales cycle. The online revolution caused by social media means we use and experience the Interact in a much different way than we did just five years ago.

In the modern era, it is all about users, user engagement, and content that is user-driven. Of course, you could do all of the above and still fail because you used the wrong form of communication. If your data shows that a lead spends four hours a day on Facebook and opens less than 10% of their marketing emails for example, do you think it is better to post content on social media, or via email?

To be honest, you should be posting all of your website content on social media or at least links on sites like Facebook that lead back to your website. When you automate your communication method after segmenting your target audience, you will know the type of content you need, where to post it, and when. Moreover, you can schedule it, as automation ensures you don’t miss a beat.


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