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The ‘ideal’ customer is one that is so enamored with your brand that he/she will buy just about anything you sell. Alas, we live in a world of savvy consumers who are no longer anchored to a single company. If they find something better, they will grab it with both hands! There is however, an ideal customer profile which you can use to boost leads and ultimately, sales. An ideal customer profile is a description of a fictitious entity (this can be an...

Inbound marketing is the ‘go-to’ tactic of companies in the B2B sphere as it generates over 50% more leads than traditional paid marketing. Inbound is how you get traffic, convert visitors into leads, and get leads to become paying customers. By creating a defined path for your inbound traffic, you will be able to properly segment customers and build trust; which leads to an increased number of loyal customers. If you’ve any marketing experience whatsoever, you’ll be familiar with...

Segmenting your customer database is of pivotal importance to any business and most companies do this to some degree. It is obvious, and has been for many years, that a one size fits all approach will fail. What is just as important, and just as obvious, is that you also have to communicate differently with segments of your target audience. Rather than telling customers everything you can about your product/service, you should focus on what each segment cares about...