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Email Delivery Best Practices

Although the cost of running an email marketing campaign is remarkably low, the results of a well-crafted project can be truly astonishing. Email marketing campaigns are pretty easy to set up and track yet it is common for businesses to make a lot of mistakes along the way which ultimately costs them a huge amount of custom. Below, we have a quick and easy email marketing checklist you need to follow if you wish to get the best possible ROI. Don’t let...

If you are an email marketer you would be forgiven for thinking mailbox providers such as Outlook and Gmail were trying to prevent your messages from reaching the inbox of subscribers. In actual fact, these providers work hard to ensure that only high quality emails make it past their filters. According to a detailed study by Securelist, in the first quarter of 2015, over 59% of email traffic was deemed to be ‘spam’. While this is a 6% drop when compared...

The Importance Of Email Marketing Content Email marketing is fantastic because emails are an incredibly inexpensive mode of communication. We can send hundreds, if not thousands of emails per dollar so it’s ok to have a dismal conversion rate right? After all, if you throw enough mud to the wall, some of it will stick! Not so. A large percentage of companies who use email marketing still have hideous conversion rates. So awful are their conversion rates that they actually lose money on the...