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Demand Generation

Use a clearly defined sales funnel & conversion path to create a demand!

What is Demand Generation?

Demand generation, like conversion paths, can (and should) be thought of as a funnel. Demand generation begins by identifying audiences that are likely to be receptive to the marketing messaging of a brand, before shepherding prospects through a funnel that addresses every stage of the conversion process.

How is Demand Generation different from Lead Generation?

Some businesses are indiscriminate when it comes to leads and what qualifies a prospect as a lead. Someone who merely visits a website, for example, might be considered a lead to some companies. This is especially true of businesses that rely on high-volume cold-calling to generate new businesses – think those companies who call you, assume what you want and begin showing a sales down your throat. Snap!

However, Demand Generation identifies potential prospects based on their initial actions and takes them through a (oftentimes lengthy) nurturing process to provide sales teams with much higher quality, genuinely qualified leads. This results in better conversations between sales reps and prospects, and – of course – higher conversion rates and more sales.

Essentially, the greatest difference between Demand Generation and Lead Generation is that demand generation is a significantly more comprehensive process that takes place over a much greater span of time than lead generation, involves close collaboration and communication between sales and marketing departments, and incorporates elements of inbound, direct, and email marketing to nurture prospects while offering them the material they need to learn more about how you can solve their problems.

Client Onboarding & Execution

We take a thorough approach from discovery to the execution of your program.


In the discover step, we work with you to clearly understand your business, goals and what your past and current sales development experiences have been to date.


This step allows us to completely understand your current process. Then we create full process and workflow maps, scripts and touch-points that our team will execute on your behalf. We discuss how leads are defined and qualified. We use the definitions to rank and score leads. Based on those scores, are how leads are distributed to you.


We take the defined sales model and add scripts, workflows, pre-written email templates into your CRM instance which allows or tracking and custom reports. This allows us to map the process that you can track and review. Now the program goes live.


Our team executes the defined lead / demand generation program and begin to acquire leads on your behalf.


Leads are nurtured to the close and those leads that may not be defined as qualified as “hot” can also be added to a nurture program.


Lead distribution and assignment is based on the ranking and lead scoring we customize with your you and your team. Workflows and automated triggered events occur based lead score and will get prioritized into the sales funnel appropriately.

Choose Your Targets

Clearly identify your ideal customer type as well as other targets that fall with your sphere of influence.

Touch Point Analysis

Keep track of your outbound activity and generate reports on which touch points generates the best quality leads.

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Qualified Lead Distribution

Quality Data is Important

Ultimately, you want to get through and speak to your leads. You should be able to connect and have a meaningful conversation with 20-30% of the people you are calling. A qualified lead is a decision maker that you had the chance to speak with and run through your qualifying questions to confirm if they indeed are a good fit and are interested in your product/service.

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