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Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Documents Library

Easily add documents using the drag and drop feature. Assign documents to individual team members or to groups. The document viewer is a tracked, collaborative space for viewing and discussing documents. This is particularly helpful when sales has to obtain customers or requires a signed contract. Customers viewing the document can comment directly on it in the document viewer, which sends a notification to the salesperson who shared the document.

RSS Feeds

Add internal RSS feeds to offer news and blog updates that your team is following. This allows your team to stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in or company news you want to make readily available. Team members can also add feeds that are educational or relevant to their industry focus.

Group Assignment

Connect your teams by group assignment which allows for collaboration on projects, campaigns, sales opportunities and more for that group. Also, use group assignments to collaborate on projects and customer issues.