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The Best Email Marketing Checklist

Although the cost of running an email marketing campaign is remarkably low, the results of a well-crafted project can be truly astonishing. Email marketing campaigns are pretty easy to set up and track yet it is common for businesses to make a lot of mistakes along the way which ultimately costs them a huge amount of custom.

Below, we have a quick and easy email marketing checklist you need to follow if you wish to get the best possible ROI. Don’t let the simplicity fool you; each step is critical to the campaign’s chances of success.

  • Audience Segmentation: Divide your audience in order to ensure the right people receive the right messages.
  • Design: It’s best to keep it simple as the design should support the email rather than take centre stage. Be sure the email is easily read on mobile devices.
  • Social Media Sharing: Your emails should link to all the popular social media channels as this will increase the chances of recipients sharing it around the web.
  • Keep It Simple: Each email should contain one core message that is easily understood.
  • Call To Action: What do you want recipients to do once they have finished reading?
  • Unsubscribe: You are legally obliged to have an unsubscribe option on your emails. It’s best to place it at the bottom.
  • Link Check: Make sure the links you include work properly and take visitors to the right place.
  • Proofread: Nothing spells ‘amateur’ more than emails riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Testing: Make sure you test your emails on all platforms including desktops, Smartphones, iPads etc.
  • Legal Stuff: Your emails must meet certain legal requirements lest you fall foul of the CAN-SPAM act and other regulations. Break these laws and a hefty fine and possibly prosecution awaits you.
  • Integration: Savvy marketers integrate their email marketing campaigns with their other marketing activities such as social media.
  • Tracking: You need to track your campaign to measure its success. Analyzing the data you receive can help you determine where you went wrong and tell you what needs to improve.
  • Capture Data: This includes response rates (who acknowledged your campaign), bounce backs (emails that didn’t get to the intended recipients) and unsubscribers. The final one is crucial as you must remove unsubscribers from your contact list ASAP or risk being punished.

Although the above suggestions don’t contain groundbreaking information, you will be amazed at how many companies fail to follow the basics. Once you follow this information to the letter, you can then focus on more sophisticated aspects of email marketing.


Contact Level, Inc. is a software as a service company providing a relationship management platform to engage your customers, deploy email campaigns, add new leads and increase ROI!

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