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The Ideal Customer Profile – Your Roadmap to More Leads

The ‘ideal’ customer is one that is so enamored with your brand that he/she will buy just about anything you sell. Alas, we live in a world of savvy consumers who are no longer anchored to a single company. If they find something better, they will grab it with both hands! There is however, an ideal customer profile which you can use to boost leads and ultimately, sales.

An ideal customer profile is a description of a fictitious entity (this can be an individual, NPO, government agency or company) that gets significant value from your products/services, and also provides your company with value.

5 Ways the Ideal Customer Provides Value for You

  1. They refer you to other individuals/businesses.
  2. They give you access to resources that enable your business to grow.
  3. They become advocates for your business.
  4. They are easy to deal with and don’t require a great deal of customer support.
  5. They provide testimonials you can use in future marketing campaigns.

5 Ways You Provide Value for Them

  1. You help reduce their expenses.
  2. You alleviate specific pain points.
  3. You raise their productivity (in the case of a business).
  4. You enable them to become more successful.
  5. You solve a significant problem.

3 Quick & Easy Tips to Create an Ideal Customer Profile

1 – Find Your Most Satisfied Customers

Most marketing experts believe you should look at your ten most satisfied customers with common attributes. These could be a geographical location, revenue, or business type & number of employees in the case of businesses. Then, you should get in contact with these customers and find out how much they are paying for your solutions, and how much value they are getting out of it.

Each customer should be deriving significantly greater value from your product than what they paid for it. In other words, if they pay $150 a month, they should receive at least $300 worth of value.

2 – Prioritize Customers Likely to Stay with You

Try to avoid selling to customers unlikely to get the most out of your products. Such consumers will be dissatisfied which doesn’t bode well for your reputation. They also take up a lot of support time and could cost you more than they pay.

3 – Find New Ideal Customers

By now, you should know exactly what you’re looking for after conversing with existing ideal customers. Your marketing team will be able to generate an increased number of worthy leads and bear in mind that future ideal customers should:

  • Be ready to buy what you’re selling.
  • Be willing make a change and invest time and money to get up to speed with your products/services.
  • Have the ability to make a purchase today.

After defining your ideal customer profile, analyze the way your sales, marketing, and development teams process leads matching the profile. To succeed, you need lots of internal data which offer clues on the type of message that has worked in the past along with the channels used by customers to locate your brand. Finally, contact your best customers and find out:

  • How they found your brand?
  • What makes them choose to work with you?
  • Why they continue to remain loyal to your brand?

Contact Level, Inc. is a software as a service company providing a relationship management platform to engage your customers, deploy email campaigns, add new leads and increase ROI!

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