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The Importance Of Email Marketing Content

The Importance Of Email Marketing Content

Email marketing is fantastic because emails are an incredibly inexpensive mode of communication. We can send hundreds, if not thousands of emails per dollar so it’s ok to have a dismal conversion rate right? After all, if you throw enough mud to the wall, some of it will stick! Not so. A large percentage of companies who use email marketing still have hideous conversion rates. So awful are their conversion rates that they actually lose money on the enterprise and quit email marketing altogether. Big mistake!

Bad Content, Bad Sales!

You have probably heard the ‘content is king’ maxim 1,000 times and if your email marketing campaign is faltering, perhaps you need to hear it 1,000 more! The modern consumer has internet access virtually all day long but your target audience probably has better things to do than read a bland, dull email that doesn’t make them feel as if it is a worthwhile expenditure of their time.


What is good content? There are no hard and fast rules barring the usual ‘avoid spelling mistakes and make sure the email looks like it was written by someone whose first language is English’. The reason why there are few set rules is because emails are supposed to be an individual experience. Those who read the email need to feel as if it is they who are being specifically spoken to. When you are thinking about content, ask yourself what is important to your subscribers. Think about their age group, interests, hobbies and the products they have recently purchased.

Ask Questions

But I don’t know what my subscribers like! Ask and you will receive! Create a survey and send it to your subscribers. Ask them what they would like to see in an email. By doing this, you will make your subscribers feel as if they are an important part of the process. Alternatively, you can try different content on a regular basis. For example, you may write a newsletter style email one week and a ‘how to’ piece on the following email. Use analytics to find out if one email type was more popular than the other.

Above all, you need to be honest and ask yourself: Is this email worth reading? How do your subscribers benefit from reading this email? The most successful emails will also be worth sharing. You can write all the flowery prose you like but if there is no substance to your email, readers will soon unsubscribe or stop opening your emails. The bottom line is: Content ultimately makes or breaks your email campaign so pay more attention to it and spend less time on trivial matters.


Contact Level, Inc. is a software as a service company providing a relationship management platform to engage your customers, deploy email campaigns, add new leads and increase ROI!

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